Triple Action Blood Pressure by Life Extension

Innovative blood pressure and vascular health support

Triple Action Blood Pressure provides day-and-night nutritional support for healthy blood
pressure levels already within the normal range. It contains flavonoid and glycoside compounds
divided into two separate tablets, one taken in the morning, and the other, which contains melatonin, at night. It is our Best-in-Class supplement for blood pressure support.

Triple Action Blood Pressure Benefits:
*Specialized day & night support formula accounts for differences between waking & sleeping blood pressure
*Helps maintain already-healthy blood pressure levels
*Supports healthy vascular function
*Encourages healthy, restful sleep patterns

Blood pressure readings have a circadian rhythm and vary depending on time of day and whether you’re awake or asleep. Triple Action Blood Pressure is a twice-daily nutritional supplement that addresses both night and daytime blood pressure health.

Flavonoid and glycoside phytonutrients

Each AM tablet of Triple Action Blood Pressure contains quercetin, myricitrin and myricetin flavonoids. Evidence indicates that these phytonutrient compounds support healthy vascular function and promote healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range through a variety of mechanisms.

Each AM dose also contains stevioside, a glycoside molecule derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. Stevioside also promotes healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range, as demonstrated in multiple pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Timed-release melatonin

Our formula’s PM tablet contains the same phytonutrients as the daytime tablet, plus 2 mg of timed-release melatonin. Also known as the sleep hormone, melatonin is primarily synthetized at night by the pineal gland in the brain and promotes healthy, restful sleep.

Melatonin also promotes healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range — a benefit for which timed-release melatonin has been shown to be particularly effective.

Triple Action Blood Pressure provides a novel approach to promoting blood pressure health while you’re awake, as well as while you’re asleep. Each 30-day supply provides 60 tablets, divided into morning and evening doses via convenient blister packaging.

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