Super Selenium Complex 200 mcg, 100 vegetarian capsules

Super Selenium Complex:

Selenium is a trace mineral that promotes heart and brain health and supports longevity. Super Selenium Complex formula provides three forms of selenium along with vitamin E for optimized health and longevity support.

Key Super Selenium Complex Benefits:
*Supports the body against oxidative damage
*Helps maintain normal thyroid & immune function in healthy individuals
*Promotes heart health, brain health and healthy cell division

Levels of several health-promoting minerals, including selenium, have been shown to be high among some of the world’s longest-living people. Selenium is available in several different forms. For optimized selenium support, one should supplement with three complementary forms of selenium. Our Super Selenium Complex also contains a small amount of vitamin E because it may work synergistically with selenium.

Antioxidant, thyroid & immune support.

Selenium is an important factor in protecting your body from oxidative damage. That’s because the body utilizes selenium to make glutathione peroxidases, a group of powerful antioxidant enzymes. Selenium may also support normal thyroid and immune function in healthy individuals.

Cardiovascular health, brain health & healthy cell division

Selenium is a vital nutrient for healthy cell division. But its ability to promote a healthy
inflammatory response and quench free radicals has led scientists to explore its beneficial effects related to other conditions involving oxidative damage, particularly for heart and brain health.