Pro-Resolving Mediators by Life Extension

Promote a healthy post-inflammatory response.

The formula in Pro-Resolving Mediators uses precursors derived from marine oil to support healthy tissue rejuvenation, promote the natural clearing of cellular debris and help maintain a healthy balance of cytokine compounds.

Pro-Resolving Mediators Benefits:
*Encourages healthy tissue rejuvenation to help you feel like your old self again
*Promotes the pathways that clear cellular debris, which allows healthy cells to flourish
*Helps maintain the balance between cytokine compounds that your body needs to   function harmoniously
*Is the perfect complement to Curcumin Elite™, which promotes a healthy inflammatory response

About SPMS:
A whole-body health regimen should include nutrients that help inhibit inflammation to support whole-body health, as well as those that help maintain the body’s healthy post-inflammatory response. The SPM compounds in this innovative supplement do just that: promote a healthy post-inflammatory response.

Derived from marine oil

Resolvins and maresins are the two principle kinds of specialized pro-resolving mediators or SPMs. They’re created by your body from fatty acids such as EPA and DHA omega-3.

So why not just take a fish oil supplement? Because fish oil is not completely converted to SPMs, and may not support SPM levels sufficiently. Fish oil and SPMs also have distinct activities in the body and are not interchangeable. Research indicates that ingesting SPMs and precursors like 17-HDHA and 18-HEPE is better than taking fish oil when a healthy post-inflammatory response is required in order to promote whole-body health.


The body’s natural biological response to inflammation can cause cellular debris. SPMs
encourage the body’s existing pathways for naturally identifying and removing cellular debris, as well as recycling cells that no longer function optimally.


Cytokines are a family of chemical compounds released by immune cells to help govern a variety of biological processes. The body naturally maintains a balance between the different types of cytokine compounds—a hallmark of healthy aging. SPMs help maintain a healthy balance between cytokines. Maintaining this balance helps promote whole-body health.


It is important to support the natural biological process for rejuvenating youthful, healthy system-wide functionality. SPMs do just that by promoting the body’s natural processes for revitalizing healthy skin, organs, and other vital tissues.

Part of a healthy whole-body health regimen

Pro-Resolving Mediators helps maintain the body’s healthy post-inflammatory response. We recommend taking SPMs as part of a comprehensive whole-body health-support regimen, along with Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract.

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